You are wrong to tell People Not Pay Tithes – Kaywa tells Jonhn Dumelo

Recently John Dumelo shook quite a few trees when he made a post on twitter concerning the payment of tithes.

His comments set off some interesting debates on social media concerning the payment of tithes and offertory and whether it’s more moral to give to those who actually are in need than to churches.

However, the legendary sound engineer Kaywa, Disagrees with Dumelo on this issue and he think that people have to pay their monies to the church.

In response to Dumelo’s comments, Kaywa said: “They [tithing and giving to the needy] are two different things, they are all giving anyway but there is a difference.

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“I can’t say paying of tithe is not from God because people have been blessed through the payment of tithe. According to the Bible, God will protect your work and finances when you pay tithe but when you give it will come back to you doubled so they are different,” Kaywa said.

He added: “I don’t also agree when someone says I won’t go to church because the pastor will take my money, it’s not every pastor that has that perception. You are mistaken if you think the offering you are giving goes to the pastor’s pocket.

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“It’s for the work of God so don’t concentrate on where the money will land but concentrate on the fact that you are in the presence of God and you have given something to support his work. Worship is not only about going to church to sing and listen to the word of God, worship is also about giving your substance and the substance is your money so they both work.”


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