“You are ungrateful” Eddie Nartey charges on fellow actor Eddie Watson….

Eddie Nartey, Actor and director, have called out fellow actor, Eddie Watson as an ungrateful person, after all the attempts to get him to pay him the money he owed him.

According to him, Eddie Watson went about on social media and rained heavy insults on him for reasons best known to him describing his utterances as a ‘foolish one.

In an interview with Zionfelix, he explained that after writing a script and shooting a movie produced by Eddie Watson, he wasn’t paid and neither did he get an appreciation for the work done.

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The producer and director also revealed that after Eddie Watson insulted him all over social media, he again tried to destroy his hard-earned reputation in the sight of other producers and directors by trying to speak ill of him adding that many of the people he spoke ill about him to came back to tell him.

Last month, Eddie Nartey vented his anger against old friend Eddie Watson. Eddie Nartey on Instagram levelled many charges against the Liberian-born Ghanaian-based actor for tarnishing his image.

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When asked why he had not tried to make amends with the Liberian-born after over the two years of their banter, Eddie Nartey stated that he has not really heard from Eddie Watson for some time and that he does not even know if he is in the country or not.

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