What Justice Srem Sai-Lecturer At Gimpa Has To Say About The Ghana-US Military Agreement

Justice Srem-Sai

Teaching Assistant at Harvard Law School

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Justice Srem Sai wrote on his Facebook wall:

“A lot of people can’t read. Of those who can read, many don’t. Of the few who do read, many don’t read much. Of the handful who read much, some can’t analyze. Look what we have here:

“You have an agreement in front of you. The agreement tells you that the army of another country will come into your town. They’ll occupy some places access to which will be controlled by them (not you). They’ll import military equipment which even your security agencies can’t inspect, let alone authorize. Forget about your tax authorities – they can’t even levy. The army will operate the equipment and drive them in your streets without your license. The laws of your country don’t apply to them.

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“All this means you have no independent means of knowing what they do in your country in order for you to even regulate them. On top of that no court under the sun can review what they do. And the relationship is such that use of force will not end in your favour. And there’s no foreseeable end to the relationship.

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“Yet, someone looks into your face and tells you that it is not a military base; and you’re there nodding your head; and you think you’re alright? There should be no problem if, after a careful assessment, you decide that an American military presence is the path out of your third world shithole circumstances. Just know and be bold, proud and honest about what you’re doing. That’s all.”

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