“Well Done”-M.anifest Applauds Sarkodie On His New Masterpiece; Wake Up Call

It’s almost impossible to listen to a beautiful song like “Wake Up Call” and not admire the creativity and smartness exhibited in the song and M.anifest, Sarkodie’s beef rival has come into terms with the fact that Sarkodie is a genius in the music industry and has therefore nodded in agreement by tweeting Sarkodie’s new song “Wake Up Call”.

It’s without a doubt that Sarkodie is a gem in this industry and so he took a different direction when it comes to tribute songs and instead of recording a tribute song for Ebony, he did this song for Ebony and the many people who died unfortunately because of road accidents.

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Although M.anifest and Sarkodie may have had their differences in the past, they are two mature adults and know when to put aside their differences and support each other and that’s exactly what Manifest did and we applaud him for being brave enough to tweet Sarkodie’s new song to tackle road safety in the country.

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The statistics are shocking, 5 people die because of road accidents in this country every single day of the year and it’s actually disheartening, yet our leaders have not taken any serious steps to solve the situation.

Manifest tweeted:

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