“We are celebrating this Christmas with sadness” – Menzgold customers

According to customers of menzgold, while their friends go about shopping for their family and loved ones, they are caught watching due to their failure to access their moneys to also join in the Christmas enthusiasm.

A customer who spoke to kassapa fm on anonymity said “It’s very worrying, that a country like Ghana, a country that its leadership, people who we have given the mandate to steer affairs could sit and watch this happen to us. We are celebrating this Christmas with sadness”.

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But he is hopeful persistent pressure will soon produce results and that sooner or later their monies will be paid them.

“We are going to fight and we will fight until we get our money because what SEC and BoG told us was that they are coming in to protect the customers. Menzgold has been working for five years”.

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Meanwhile, Management members, according to staff have fraudulently acquired properties such as luxury houses, schools, flashy and luxury cars and many more to dwindle the finances of the company urging EOCO to investigates them.

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