Watch: Why Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin charges as low as GH 50 cedis to GH 100 cedis at his school

Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin in recent times opened his high-tech school, Great Minds International, located at Adukro in the Ashanti Region. Astonishing enough, the school which can stand toe to toe with most of the top schools in Ghana in terms of its infrastructure and other facilities, most definitely charges the lowest fees one can ever think off.

Yesterday, Lilwin went on a tour with some bloggers in the school. During the tour, the funny actor revealed that he is currently paying about GH 1, 600 cedis each for his two children who are currently in different schools which is just like the one he has built, but the school fees for the lower primary in his school is GH 50 cedis while that of the upper primary is GH 100 cedis.

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Even though this revelation was very shocking to the bloggers who were with him, the talented actor stated that he came to this conclusion because he realized that most of the parents who have their wards in his school are not that financially strong. He added that because he wanted his school to be accessible to all but not just the rich, the decision to charge that amount.

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When asked how is able to foot the bills of his school like the salary of teachers, the ‘Anointing’ singer stated that he does so with the money he gets from endorsement deals, acting, musical shoes, and his other businesses.

Watch the video of Lilwin make this shocking revelation below:

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