Video :”Focus on your careers and stop telling us to marry” – Lydia Forson to bloggers

Actress Lydia Forson has queried Ghanaian Bloggers to focus on their own issues and leave celebrities alone to live their lives in peace.

The actress in a chat with Peacefmonline said most Ghanaian Bloggers are not married but they refuse to talk or write about it, but rather keep blogging about celebrities who are not married.

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“Ghanaian Blogger keep writing stories about celebrities who are not married but you too you are not married and you forget that we are all in the same boat. It will get to some point that nobody would be interested in you anymore,” she stated.

Lydia Forson as a known and very outspoken feminist has always insisted that marriage is not a yardstick to validate someone and that people should be allowed to live their lives peacefully whether they are married or single.

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