The Most Appropriate Question To Ask Concerning The US Military Agreement With Ghana; Am I Satisfied?

The 2018 Ghana – US Military Agreement has become one of the most controversial issue in Ghana today. Many have stated their views in support of or against the agreement.

The issue has further led to the minority walking out of parliament, and demonstrations embarked on – accusing the president of Ghana of mortgaging the sovereignty of Ghana. In answer to these controversial issue the president of Ghana delivered a speech on Thursday 5th April, 2018 in which he assured Ghanaians there would be no military base establishes in Ghana and also pointed out the existence of similar agreements by previous government

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The president’s speech has been both praised and criticize largely. These criticisms include those who believe the president did not adequately deal with the concerns raised by well-meaning Ghanaians. Others are also of the opinion that a good enough job has not been done to totally close the loop as was expected of the presidential speech. There are other opinions also see nothing wrong with the statements made in the speech of the president since there are indeed people scheming to incite anti-American sentiments as stated in the presidential speech.

The question we the electorates, taxpayers, and floating voters should be asking ourselves as these debate goes on is, ‘am i satisfied?’

 Am I satisfied with the publicizing of the 2018 Ghana – US Agreement?

Am I satisfied with the leap of faith taken by the president in the democratic system and the people of Ghana?

Am I satisfied with the speech given by the president to address the Ghana – US Agreement?

Am I satisfied that the politicians in my country have the interest of my Motherland at heart or is it another case of politricks.

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