“Sometimes i fear for my life because of my work” – Manasseh Azure

Manasseh Azure Awuni has acknowledged to being afraid of losing his life over his job bearing in mind the risks involved.

He said due to corruption and thievery in the country he finds it difficult to keep quiet. He considers it a mandate to probe and unravel the ‘dirt’ in society but sometimes fears for his life and his family as well.

“I do investigative journalism and some people ask are you not afraid? Don’t you think somebody can harm you? They know you, you are fighting very powerful businessmen, you don’t even spare the presidents. The truth is that I am afraid. If I tell you I’m not afraid I’m lying to you.”

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“You find people stealing so much and destroying everything so you can’t keep quite.”

Thoughts of being attacked and injured occur to him from time to time, but he keeps doing his job as an investigative journalist.

“There have been days I close from work and it comes to mind…. what if someone meets me and kills me tonight. Those thoughts occur to me.

Speaking at the ‘Resolutions Youth Summit 2019’, Mr Azure advised the youth to be bold and courageous, to defy the odds for the good reason even if they are threatened over it.

“I have my family who say, don’t do this work again so I ask, if I don’t do it who will do it. You find people stealing so much and destroying everything so you can’t keep quite. If you begin to see life beyond yourself you will be bold enough to do certain things despite the fear of harm and other things. Let purpose be one of our guiding principles.”

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He has worked on subjects including the GYEEDA Scandal, Investigative Documentary: Robbing the Assemblies, President Mahama’s Ford ‘gift’ from Burkinabe contractor etc.

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