“Some people are asleep so they do not see the developmental projects that are on going” – Prez. Akufo Addo

President Akufo Addo in a speech said his government is working tirelessly  to put Ghana on a good track of progress and development.

In a ceremony at the Tema New Town to cut  sod for the construction of the 22 km Tema Town Roads which is been executed by  Messrs Papset Enterprise limited construction firm, , the President said his government is Focused and committed to developing every sector of the country’s economy.


“Some people are asleep so they do not see the developmental projects that are on going. We are working to change the situation of the country. We going to put this country on a new track of progress and prosperity,” the President said.
President Akufo Addo indicated that he is a truthful man who has no intentions of deceiving the Ghanaian people. To that end, the President said he will ensure that he fulfills all his promises within the four (4) year mandate that the Ghanaian people gave him and at the end of same, he will account fully to the people of Ghana who gave him the mandate to govern.

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“You gave me four years, I will come and account to you fully when the four years is due for everyone to know that I am a man of my words. I am a truthful man and all of Ghana will see that I am a truthful man,”

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He asked for support from the people of Tema East to enable his government succeeds.

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