Some Ghanaian workers recount how they’re made to apologize to the dogs or face dismissal by a Chinese company operating in Ghana

Employees of the Ghana Household Utilities Manufacturing Company Limited (GHUMCO) in Takoradi in the Western region have bemoaned the unfortunate treatment meted out to them by their Chinese boss.

According to a report by TV3 Ghana, most of the workers usually suffer dog bites in the company premises.

medical care, the workers are allegedly asked to apologize to the dog or face dismissal.

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The report claims the factory manager often forces the Ghanaian workers to write an apology letter to the dog.

Meanwhile, some of the workers also complained about the poor safety measures at the factory.
According to them, they work long hours but are paid insufficient salaries, and are also given zero allowances and compensation in case of injury.

A long-time worker at GHUMCO, Joseph Essien, said his monthly salary is GHc350, notwithstanding working at the company for 30 years.

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Another worker, Isaac Kojo Brace, says he takes home a salary of GH¢250, adding that some of his colleague receive as low as GH¢200 as salary.

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