Social media users mad at Becca for unfollowing them on Instagram

Social media users are not happy with Becca because she decided to unfollow everybody on Instagram, leaving only her husband.

The musician who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram posted a new song she has produced with Patoranking, asking her followers to download.

Angered, the followers posted their comments expressing disappointment as her action.

It is not known why she decided to unfollow everybody except for her husband Dr. Tobi, but her fans would not spare her.

See some of their comments:

@ogisikingjoe: “@beccafrica You unfollowed everyone except your husband why are the fans angry? let everyone unfollow her and her only follower will be her husband. Then that her new music she is sharing the husband will download it for all since fans are not worth following.”

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@brightgeorges: “I Dnt get it…. y ya get 1.2 million followers and u follow only one person.. sometimes follow ur fans.. it make their day and keep them addicted to everything you do.. @therealfunnyface follows me tho.. I luv that guy die…”

@henry_1star: “We miss the old Becca we know. I think most of your fans are little disappointed in you. We don’t enjoy your song like before.”

@i_am_me_naa: “You unfollowed everybody except ur hubby and u want us to hype your song for u…. Go and play it for ur husband alone nonsense @beccafrica.”

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@wealthyvs: “@i_am_me_naa let’s just unfollow her too. These entertainers think they are better than everyone else. Nonsense.”

@productioneventsmedia: “U unfollow everyone n following ur husband alone. Y don’t u play ur song to him alone and hype it to him alone. @becafrica . I use to like u but u have change from the dove I know into a vulture I see on the gutters.”

Becca, Born Rebecca Acheampong is known for songs like ‘You lied to Me,’ ‘African Woman,’ ‘Crazy,’ ‘No Away,’ ‘Nana,’ among others.

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