Social media fan trolls shatta wale over a statue of him: But check his smart response to the trolls on instagram

Shatta wale has been trolled on social media with an image of a statue, which seem to look like him with captions”guess who” and ”tag him if you know him.” But his response to the entire troll is too smart.

Though the captions that came with the picture of the statue clearly communicate fear from those posting to tag the real owner of the image, Charles Nii Armah has owned up as the one in the picture.

To the amusement of everyone, the rage with which the media expected the owner to respond with was rather turned around when Shatta this morning on his Instagram page posted the same image with a caption thanking one DreamLine Aaron Jay, who we think is behind the statue, tooting his horn and accepting he is a ”hero with a big mouth”.

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In the post, he mentioned he is the hero who levelled up payments made to artists, he is the hero whose era ended payola and he fought for a better music industry among others.

Below is the full caption posted by Shatta Wale.

”Thank you DreamLine Aaron Jay ..———————————————————-Years to come his name will Go down into history, As hero with a big mouth that saved the music industry of Ghana from the hands of Other music markets . A hero who saw artiste being paid huge some of Money bcos he fought for that…

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A hero who era end paying of payola cos he proved to ppl one can still push and promote a song without radio/Tv…

Years To come he will b rememberd as the only artiste who went down for Ten year and bounce back to take the number one spot…

Charles Nii Armah most sketch artiste  in the history of ghana music …

He’s so influential that every artisan wants to  try their hands on his image.

21 Gun salute to The living legendShatta waleeeee!  paaa paaa paaa!!!”

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