Shatta Wale should apologize to Ghanaians for deceiving them he owns a $1m mansion – Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese, is demanding that Shatta Wale  should render an unqualified apology to Ghanaians for deceiving them he owns a $1m mansion.

Kwaw Kese trashed Shatta Wale’s claim in February 2017 that he owned such a mansion, stating that the “Kakai” hit maker lied to Ghanaians.

“Some of my colleagues are claiming they have a $1 million house but live a $1000 life…When God blesses you, you have to give thanks, but you have to be truthful to yourself and to your fans. What some of the celebs claim to have is not real,”

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But Pope Skinny who was Shatta Wale’s right-hand vindicated Kwaw Kese during their recent brouhaha divulged that the dancehall act told a fish story.

“Your so called 1million Mansion is less than $200K. That one too was a gift by a political party for using your song. Your bragging life has come to an end” Pope Skinny wrote on SnapChat

Though Shatta Wale is yet to respond to Pope Skinny’s claim Kwaw has asked him to apologise.

Kwaw Kese stated emphatically that:

“I said that and people didn’t believe me… but now with Shatta [Wale] and Pope Skinny brouhaha we all see say [the] house no dey reach $200,000 self and the house self e no bi e own some party dash am.”

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“Which means what I was saying before, was true and now I want Shatta [Wale] to come out and apologise to his fans because he lied and he has continued lying to his fans…because he doesn’t own a one-million-dollar house not even a 200,000-dollar house.”

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