Screenshot: “You call me a “scammer” but you are engaged in illegal connections in your homes and pay bribes” – Criss Waddle

Criss Waddle, unquestionably one of the richest artiste in Ghana who drives in posh cars and live extravagant lifestyles every young man will ever dream of living.

His source of wealth has been attributed to ‘Scam ‘otherwise known as ‘Sakawa’.


Though he does not debunk such rumors, he always asserts to be a plumber in the USA whenever he is pushed to tell his source of hustle.

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In his recent post on Facebook, the AMG CEO wrote:

“People will come on social media and come and shout scammer scammer scammer but they’ve done illegal connection at home,come and see begging and bribery when the ECG man comes around.”


Taking a critical analysis of his post, I couldn’t have agreed with him more, because He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.

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Well if you want to point accusing fingers at someone make sure your slat is clean.

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