Sarkodie descended heavily on African leaders for bad governance on twitter

Sarkodie has in a sequence of tweets condemned the attitude of Africa leaders.

The respected artist among other issues state that Africa may need to abandon Democracy and take up dictatorship as a mode of power if the continent is to make any progress in its development.

He also wants African leaders to stop taking instructions from foreign supremacies. “It will never be in our favour,” he said.

He also said that, if care is not taken, the Western influences may dominate sectors like the music industry, controlling the revenue in that sector.

He wants Africans to work together and they shouldn’t allow to be pushed around, which he describes as a virus.

Read his tweets below:

“At this point, to make a change, let’s forget about the older generation, even our generation and impact the next.

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Those feelings are coming back again as always … My dream is for Africa to realize our power and care for our people … We need to take our pride back …

They broke us up so they can control … but the good news is … it’s not too late we just need to wake up.

These systems were never built for us so therefore we can’t benefit from it … The world is surviving on us but we suffer …

They were able to change our priorities and focus so they can lead but it’s wrong.

It will all be over when we find our sense of pride, our purpose, power and even ourselves but they working super hard to keep us from doing that

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We all have the virus in us … so our decisions are based on individual survival and not long-term goals for our people

Detoxing the minds of the next generation is very crucial at this point …

Please note: I’m not talking as someone free from the virus … I test negative as well and I’m a patient but I want us to do the detox exercise together… Virus = (Brainwashed)

Unity is power people!!!!!!!!

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