Only PhD holders will be allowed to teach in Ghanaian universities – Education Minister

Education Minister Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, has announced, Henceforth, only PhD holders will be allowed to teach in the various universities.

This is to enable the universities develop the capacity of teachers in the colleges of education. He, however, added that lecturers in colleges who do not hold PhDs will be allowed to upgrade their knowledge through the British government support.

“Now if you do not hold a PhD, you will not be able to teach in a university,”. “But most of the lecturers in our colleges of education do not hold PhD.

So we are giving them time to improve their knowledge, through the British government support.” Dr. Prempeh said

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The Minister made this known during the meet the press series held in Accra on Tuesday. He said if the lecturers of the colleges of education were part of the university, the university would help those lecturers to get onto the PhD programs.

According to him, when lecturers improve their capacities, it improves the learning outcomes of the Ghanaian school child.

The Minister used Finland as a case in point, saying one requires a PhD to even teach at kindergarten level in the European country.

The Education Minister further added fuel to talks of a merger between the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), the Ghana Institute of languages (GIL) and the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI).

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He explained that the decision to merge the three universities has been deliberated upon for years and is therefore not new.

He added that despite the impending merger, each of the three universities would be a school that would be awarding their own degrees.

According to him, all three universities applied to be autonomous but it was rejected by the government.

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