“Only four (4) people were present to witness my wedding ceremony” – Wiyaala

International songstress Noella Wiyaala has revealed that only four people appeared at  her wedding ceremony.

These four people, Wiyaala disclosed, were her mother, father, and uncle and her husband. She was speaking in an interview on the Delay show on Sunday, February 24, 2019,

Explaining how such a thing could have happened, Wiyaala said her then husband-to-be proposed to her out of the blue, and on the same day, he requested that they got married. According to her, she only wore a normal house dress and slippers on that day, but her husband was not bothered and said they could still marry.

She revealed further that there was no ring, but she was comfortable with the arrangement because she did not need a ring to show that she was married. “The day he proposed was the day we got married.

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It was only my mother, father, and an uncle who were around at that time. As for my husband, he doesn’t care too much about crowd and necessarily inviting his family, so we got married, when I was even in slippers,” Wiyaala disclosed. “For the ring, I am not a jewelry person, so I do not wear a ring,” she added.

Wiyaala has been married for four years to her white husband. According to her, having children is not a top priority, adding that if she would have children at all, it would be only one. Wiyaala, known to have once performed for the Queen of England, said her husband is the best thing that happened to her, because he understands her so well. She revealed that the moment her husband set eyes on her, he told her plainly that she was his wife and that he would marry her.

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She said her husband described her as a very beautiful and unique woman. The 32-year-old singer disclosed that she has built a five-bedroom house in her hometown in Wa, where she lived with her family when she comes to Ghana.

She also revealed going to the farm with the family, and entertaining children in her home during her leisure time. Wiyaala was in the news recently for saying that she is one of the most beautiful women on this planet.

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