“Most celebrities’ display forged lifestyles on social media; fans should not imitate them” – Martha Ankomah

Actress Martha Ankomah says she believes that social media has caused more harm than good in society.

According to her, the activities displayed by social media users could easily make one feel that he or she is not making any strides in life.

In an interview with Franky 5 on “This Is Gospel” on Hitz FM, the actress specified that individuals sometimes go outside their means to do things for attention.

“The social media didn’t come to help us at all in our days. It helps sometimes in a positive way but it didn’t come to help at all in a certain way,” she said.

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“And sometimes you wake up in the morning and you think everybody is going and they are leaving you behind and there is nothing happening in your life. If you are not careful, you will think of doing something to put out there to get attention,” the actress added.

Martha Ankomah urged her colleagues and all Ghanaians to trust in God in troubling times and be rest assured that things will turn around for good.

“If the fear of God is in you, it will calm you down. It will take care of the issues. The peace of God will take control of your heart….It is not easy waiting. It is not easy being patient…but just don’t give up,” she advised.

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The actress notes that a lot of ladies are exposing their nudity on social media for attention but she states that this is unnecessary.

Martha Ankomah maintained that she abstains from such activities because of her devotion for God.

She has always maintained that so many celebrities’ display forged lifestyles on social media and fans should not be swayed by what they see.

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