“It is impossible to compare Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi;Their music is different. Kojo Antwi plays a bit of Reggae and Daddy Lumba plays highlife,” – Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame says it is impossible to compare Highlife legends, Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi.

He stated in an interview that, the two legends have different styles of delivery which has made them important in the music industry for decades.

“Comparing Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi is like comparing oranges and mangoes, we cannot find out who is greater, they are both extremely great,”

“we did a US tour with Kojo Antwi about 10 years ago and 20 years ago we did a US tour with Daddy Lumba. Both of them can stand on the stage and perform well for 4 hours, for me they are the same.”

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Daddy Lumba is a multiple award-winning artiste known for his active stage craft and his artistic style of music which has helped him produce tallies of hits.

Kojo Antwi, another award-winning artist, has been nicknamed “Mr. Music Man” for his different style of music from RnB to soul music, reggae and lover’s rock.

Okyeame Kwame believes art cannot be measured and both musicians (Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi) have been able to sustain their careers for 30 years, releasing hits after hits.

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“Their music is different. Kojo Antwi plays a bit of Reggae and Daddy Lumba plays highlife,”

He  stated that the two artists have different styles of writing and voice textures which makes their music different and good in their own right.

“Kojo Antwi uses metaphors, similes and other literary devices in his music and Daddy Lumba uses culture, history, and proverbs in his,” he said.

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