Infamous Tamale Criminal Suffers For His Failed Violent Attack Against His Nephew

Mahamadu, Popularly called AMINGO has been known to have terrorized the people of Ward K, Tamale for more than 28 years now. His popularity is due to the fact that he physically brutalizes his old aged biological parents and this alone has earned him the status of public enemy number one in the eyes of countless number of people in the area.

He has been involved in countless cases of robbery several of which he was apprehended for. He has served at least 5 years total jail time at the Tamale prisons but this alone wasn’t enough to make him desist from his old ways. Its no surprise that even from afar one can see several scars on his face and other body parts as a result of general public lynching attempts on him (Past and Present).

His recent violent activity which happens to be against his very own nephew ended really bad for him as he left his nephew no other choice than to fight back in SELF DEFENSE (Which is 100% justifiable by law).

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Our trusted sources who have conducted thorough investigations concerning the said matter narrated the incident as follows.

“It was somewhere 8 pm 27/02/19, his nephew left the house through an opening which is supposed to be the main gate when AMINGO rushed him, hit him off his motorbike and when he tried to find out why he did that all he said was he refused to lock the gate. This same non existent gate which he took down in a previous act of violence against his very own senior sister. His nephew then asked him which gate he was referring to and that was when he got more violent. To be able to escape, his nephew acted in full self defense which resulted to his hospitalization due to several injuries. As at now the only person known to be in support of his violent ways is his Niece ALENGA ETHEL who surprisingly despite being out of the country has been his accomplice (Sponsor) all this while. ALENGA ETHEL has also made known that she has bribed the POLICE a sum of GHc 1,000 to arrest AMINGO’s Nephew and defend his deviant uncle no matter the cost. ALENGA ETHEL has bragged to provide all the needs of AMINGO so he is always fit to attack the other members of the family”.

Questions have been asked regarding ALENGA ETHEL’s claim of bribing the police to make an unjustifiable arrest. If this is true, how well can we trust our security personnel?

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Our team is still investigating this matter and updates will be posted on here soon.

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