I’m ready to Act Adult Films – Kumawood actress Safina Haroun

Safina Haroun has disclosed that she is not against any future production roles that would see her in adult film. The actress revealed that it is not against her personal principles to work in adult industry


According to Her, physical intimacy is an act she regularly engages in. And when it comes to putting herself up on screen in that situation, the actress says she has no problems.

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On the Spice FM’s show”Efie ne Fie”, the actress added that all that she needed was a good story line. She maintained that that even that was necessary for an adult film.

On the issue of adult films in Ghana, filmmaker and government appointee on creative arts, Socrate Safo, was of the opinion there is no specific that law in Ghana stopping anyone from production. Safo was however quick to add that he would not venture into that business himself even though he has had some controversial films in the past

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