“I’m not a christian; but i am very spiritual” – Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame has stated that he does not believe in religion and for that reason he doesn’t attend church.

He stated this during an interview on #showbiznow on joyprime. The brand ambassador for “Made in Ghana” added that religion has segregated Africa from the world.

“For Africa especially Ghana to progress, it has to be a collaborative efforts from all angles. We must not wait for the Government to do everything for us. Religion has not helped us in anyway. we end up discriminating against each other all in the name of religion“

He added that as celebrities, if they all come together and pick a particular problem perturbing Ghana and become and advocate for it, Ghana will become the Ghana we want.

“If all the celebrities come together to help out, Ghana will become the nation we all want. For instance as a brand ambassador promoting the use of made in Ghana products, Sarkodie could choose a sector like sanitation, stonebwoy could choose agriculture, Shatta Wale could choose entrepreneur and so on. You know, we can all make small small changes from out little corner. If we all want to wait for the government to do fix the roads, build clinics or provide water to communities, we will wait forever! We need to help each other make Ghana develop.”

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When asked about his opinion on Tithe, Okyeame replied that he would rather use his money to help the less privileged than paying it to a “man of God”. According to him, he doesn’t see the essence of paying money to another person all the name of Tithe when you can use it to help the less privileged. “I personally don’t believe in tithing at all. I would rather use the money to help an Orphan go to school than to give it to some “man of God” to chop for free.”

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He further stated that he was not a Christian but believed in spirituality. “I won’t say I am a Christian because I don’t go to church. However I believe in spirituality. What I mean by that is that I read the Bible and talk to God when I have the time. I don’t do all the wrong things the Bible speaks about like; stealing, lying, fornicating etc.”

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