“I won’t give up; my bank won’t collapse”, – Nduom encourages staff and clients

Business magnate Papa Kwesi Nduom has urged his staff not to give up despite the challenges his bank, GN Bank, appears to be going through.
Ndoum, in a subtle attack on the Central Bank, compared the measures being adopted by the Bank of Ghana in cleaning the financial sector to an approach taken by the Liberia Central bank when they had to deal with a similar situation.
Addressing staff of his bank as he tours the country to shore up confidence in indigenous financial institutions, Nduom wondered why Ghanaians do well in other parts of the world but are made to struggle in Ghana.
“No matter what it is, even one thousand people come in here and say that Elmina man he is stupid; I will accept it, it’s okay. Small, small it will be ok, and if it gets better, let anyone come and call me a stupid man and we shall see.
“In the Liberia, there was a bank collapsing. What their Central bank did was to give to us a new license and then asked us to take over the asset of the bank and it’s not even two years and that bank is doing well.
“The managing director is a Ghanaian, the deputy is a Ghanaian and they are doing well in Liberia. We went to America with our small money, we bought bank and that bank is doing well. So if we can do it somewhere else why is it that we can’t do it here in Ghana. We take our time, step by step, this bank will work, I will never give up,” he said.

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