“I once recorded a sex tape with my ex-boyfriend and I regret it ” – Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro in an interview shared one of the wildest and naughtiest things she’s ever done in her life and that are recording a sex tape with her partner.

She was speaking on Hitz Fm about how someone tried bullying her about an alleged sex tape the person claims she has with Adebayor.

Reacting to that, she denied nothing as such exist between the footballer and herself but narrated how she has ever recorded a tape like that before.

“I’ve done that once when I was young listen it was my ex ex ex-ex-boyfriend and I regret it because that time I wasn’t in the industry so I was like God, what if one day, what if one day,” Yvonne Okoro said during the interview

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However, if you think that tape still exists and you are waiting for it to drop one day, then we are sorry because the actress added that they deleted it after they were done because it was a silly move.

Detailing why she would have allowed herself to be recorded during sexual bout, she said she’s been together with the guy for so long and there were so bored and decided to try something “spicy”.

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Well, we all have skeletons in our closets and Yvonne just made us see a bit of hers. However, would you also ever record a sex tape with your partner? Or what will make do so?

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