”I need a Silent pistol If I will continue to work” The security guard at rev Owusu Bempah’s church has spoken

The security guard at the Odorkor Branch of the Glorious Word and Power Ministries International who by a whisker escaped mobbing by furious youth who raged the church’s grounds says the only condition on which he will return to his post is if he is provided with pistols.

After the incident, the security man who has now earned praise as ‘Owusu Bempah’s Usain Bolt’ said continuing his job at the church premises without a gun is a mission impossible.

At the time of the attack he was seen in a viral video running quickly for his life with only loin cloth on.

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“If I will continue to do this work I need a weapon. Silent pistol and one for warning shots. If the thing happens I can give warning shots. If the person wants to come for me I can shoot the person’s leg or hand,”

“I woke up reading a bible…after that I put my cloth round my waist to go and bath. My sister told me John Boye had come to see me when I came out I saw that the machete-wielding youth had besieged the place. I was scared, so I closed both the small and main gate. I realized someone scaled the wall and came and open the gate. They all came in and started beating me. One of them picked a chair to hit me and I got the chance and runaway.” He narrated his nightmares

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