“I have suffered big time, giving my song to NDC” – Rev. Lenny Akpadie

Rev. Lenny Akpadie has come out to say that giving his song ‘Most High God’ to the NDC is something he wishes he could take back.

In the year 2008 he released a song that got a lot of people singing.

The Gospel musician who gave his song titled ‘Most High God’ to the National Democratic Congress has come out to say that he may have regretted his decision.

Rev. Lenny revealed that ever since he allowed his music to be used by the NDC government his music career has not been the same.

He urged that the mainstream acts quit enabling political parties to use his music for any political activities.

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In an interview he said “I have suffered a big time… I acknowledged that it’s a mistake…”

His recent revelation is considered quite surprising because ‘Most High God’ won him the Artiste of the year and the song itself as the most popular song of the year awards.

According to the musician a lot of people were disappointed in him for releasing the song to NDC considering NDC is one political party amongs a lot of competitive parties.

“They were only using the song. In fact, they even wanted to extend the contract but I refused. It would have been bad because even without climbing their platforms I was attacked. So they took it for one year… Anybody should mark my words; anybody who associates himself and is in the mainstream will suffer for it. If you associate then it means you don’t have a brand, you are just a singer and you have sung for them. That one nobody knows you so you have nothing to lose. But if you are like me and popular at that- getting the most popular of the year … then it’s like you have become an enemy to the opposite side and it is real,” he revealed.

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