“I have no regrets for investing my money at Menzgold” – Kojo Nkansah Lilwin

Kojo Nkansah Lilwin has stated categorically that unlike others, he has no regret whatsoever for investing money in the embattled gold dealership company, MenzGold.

The actor made this comments when he appeared on Luv FM’s drive time show hosted by DJ Rueben yesterday, January 16, 2019. He added that investment is all about risk and as such when an investment you make turns out to be a bad one, all you have to do is to accept it as fate and move on with your life.

Kojo also stated that MenzGold is not the first financial company to have faced a problem like this but many people have decided to make some much fuss about this one, which according to him is very surprising. He stressed that many people have fixed accounts and current accounts in their respective banks all in the bid to get interest on their money, but they have decided to hold investors of MenzGold by the neck and describe them as greedy people.

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The ‘Great Minds international School’ owner also revealed on the show that he has engaged in other things which brought losses but he has not complained.

He again told DJ Reuben that before he started his school, he lost over GH 60,000 cedis on lands because the once he bought earlier had problems due to chieftaincy matters.

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