I don’t trust the Ghana Police Service; I have a lot of evidence but I don’t share with anybody” – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong says he does not trust the Ghana Police Service to unearth the murderer of Ahmed Hussein-, an investigator with private investigative firm, Tiger Eye PI.


“I don’t trust the police. I have a lot of evidence but I don’t share with anybody,” Mr Agyapong said in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Wednesday.

“I will serialise it for Ghanaians to see who Anas it and I am not afraid to die. I can get you voices, people coming out with evidence who are so afraid and who don’t trust the police and therefore everything is hanging”.

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‘I never offered a reward for Ahmed to be beaten, killed’

The MP also maintained that he never offered a reward for Ahmed to be killed notwithstanding urging his staff to beat the investigative journalist anytime they see him on the Oman FM premises located at Madina.

“I never offered a reward for him to be beaten or killed,” he said.

He said: “I said no, don’t allow the guy (Ahmed) to come to this premises again when you see him here beat him up because he is a bad boy. I said that. Did I say that I will give a reward for anybody to go and beat him or kill him… No”.

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The MP added that he has no regrets releasing the photographs and bears no moral responsibility for the murder of Ahmed.

He also described as ‘rubbish’ claims that he was guilty for Ahmed’s death.

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