“I am not a witch” Okomfo Kwadee’s Mother cries out

Madam Cecilia Sakia,the mother of Okomfo Kwaade,has reacted to reports that she is behind the problems that have befallen her son. Madam Cecilia Sakia explained that when Kwaade born Jerry Anaba’s mental instability started almost 12 years ago, she began to seek help to the problem.

According to the woman, Kwaade’s problems are self-inflicted and it has been confirmed in every place she has taken the son to for help.

At some places, she even questioned the pastors if she is a witch and does not know and she is hurting her son, they should tell her or even take her life so that Kwaadee  will have his peace of mind.


But it turned out she is not harming the son in any way. They all came up with the explanation that, if Okomfo Kwaade stops the drugs, he will be fine.



True to their words, Okomfo Kwaade has been fine for the past 5 years when he stayed at the Willingway Foundation, a rehabilitation center in the Ashanti Region until, his friend, Oguns Kele  sake of his ‘selfish reasons’ forcefully took Kwaade from the foundation and introduced him to the smoking  again in Accra.

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