“I always knew a day will come and i will have problems with Shatta Wale; but i didn’t know it will happen this way – Pope Skinny

The ongoing beef between Shatta Wale and his former top lieutenant, Pope Skinny, is probably not going to end anytime soon, what with the allegations the two have thrown at each other in the week or so that they’ve been beefing.

Shatta Wale revealed that Pope Skinny has been accused of rape in the past, leading the lady involved to come out and tell her story. Pope Skinny has also forced cocaine-addicted Shatta Wale to confess that he used to sell his baby mama’s tonga for cash.

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Through it all, Pope Skinny has now admitted that he always knew his relationship with Shatta Wale would go bad one day.

Speaking on Hitz Fm, Pope Skinny said on some level he always knew the day would come when Shatta Wale and himself would fall out. According to him, Shatta Wale fights with everyone close to him but he’s been able to tolerate a lot throughout the years, until now.

“I knew a day like this will come but I didn’t know this is how it will happen…” he said.

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“I have known Shatta for a very long time, it has happened to almost everybody and because of how humble and very down to earth I am, I’m able to tolerate him for all this while,” he said.

Pope Skinny added that he has no regrets about his friendship with Shatta Wale, admitting that if the ‘dancehall king’ called him and apologized, he would readily forgive him.

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