“How come my fellow actresses are able to change cars like panties when the movie industry is dry?” – Juliet Ibrahim

Actress Juliet Ibrahim took to her Instagram stories to express shock at how her fellow actresses are able to change cars like panties.

According to her, they’re all working in a movie industry that doesn’t pay that much. But she can’t fathom how her fellow actress is able to buy cars up and down.
The actress went on to pray that may God that is blessing others to buy cars should bless her too in 2019.

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Our movie Industry has taken a nose-dive…hence the production of movies are slow.
However, the likes of Moesha Buodong keep flourishing day-in-day-out all in the name of “I am an actress”.

Moesha changes car almost every month and we’re all forced to believe that she makes her monies from the side ‘movies she acts in bed with people’s husbands and she has proudly professed before.
May be, she should show Juliet Ibrahim this secret and she’ll also be able to buy herself cars upon cars.

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