“Ghanaian pastors are dishonest and fake; so i don’t go to church” – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong has stated that he does not go to church simply because Ghanaian pastors are dishonest and fake.

He has come to realize that most of them are fake and full of deceitfulness and it is very problematic to filter the honest ones out of the numerous pastors.

He says pastors have used the bible to play away Ghanaians who a naive and succeeded in tricking some of their gullible clients in various societies.

“You are bereaved and go to contract a loan and give to a pastor…this is why I don’t believe in Ghanaian pastors and I have consistently repeated I will not go to Church. There are so many of them which makes it impossible to see the genuine ones “, he told constituents who have been duped by a pastor operating a Ponzi scheme.

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He took on pastors particularly those who have bombarded the radio airwaves and giving out lotto numbers in the name of enriching members wondering when that became part of the work of God.

“Yesterday when I was coming and listening to Oman FM, there was this pastor who was there giving out lotto numbers claiming God has various spiritual gifts for pastors but his was lotto numbers”, he said

He recounted one more incident when he visited his radio station and saw people lined up and making calls into the station that the pastor he declined to name had given them lotto numbers and they won unknown to those listening that they were his own boys.

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“Have you seen what I have been saying? They are deceiving all of you”, he said

. “When you talk about it, they say you are blaspheming but it is the truth. When you see the lifestyle of most men of God, their lifestyles; lavish lifestyles and you see their followers and how deprived they are…I don’t believe in prophecies”, he said.

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