Ghana movie industry is dying because tomato sellers are now movie producers and directors now” – Mr Beautiful

Mr Beautiful, the sensational comic actor who lost his brighter spot especially in Kuamawood largely due to his political affiliation has finally commented on why he’s missing in action off late.

According to the actor, he has refused to act in a lot of movies mainly due to poor content. To him, a lot of unprofessional people who call themselves movie directors and producers are the root cause of the shoddy content.

The situation at the moment is that the industry is bad, when you have an industry where tomato sellers are becoming producers, that is what happens,”

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He added that he likes to be associated with good creative content and wouldn’t stoop for anything of a lower standard.

“In as much as I love to act, I don’t settle for mediocrity and always like to associate myself with good quality productions. The movie ‘Ama Ghana’ for instance became a hit because of Kohwe and myself, we brought our A-Game to bear on the production and that is what I mean by good creativity.

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I have great talent and that is why I don’t settle for mediocrity, I receive a lot of scripts but I don’t honor  them because sometimes the directors don’t appeal to me, there are other times too that they give you scenes to act without dialogue, I can’t act that way so I reject them,” Mr. Beautiful confidently said.

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