Existence of a National Cathedral in Ghana, will not bring the nation nearer to God – Dr. Richard Whitcomb

In a sermon this past week, Elder Pastor of Agape House New Testament Church, Reverend Dr. Richard Whitcomb has said the existence of a National Cathedral in Ghana, will not bring the nation nearer to God.

He said his non-partisan cautioning was made with only spiritual reflections.

“You can build it [the national cathedral] but it doesn’t bring the presence of God,” he stated.

Rev. Whitcomb said his worries did not come from financial or political reflection, but the “spiritual implication of misunderstanding God’s dwelling place.”

“I’m not for or against the national cathedral. I’m not speaking to you today as a politician, I’m speaking as a prophet. You can build the national cathedral, but that will not guarantee the presence of God.”

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His sermon came as the National Cathedral Council of Trustees arranges for a fundraiser for the building of the edifice on December 28.

Rev. Whitcomb said virtues like humility were more required for a connection with God.

“God opposes the proud and dwells with the humble. I will rather be a humble nation without the national cathedral than a proud nation with a national cathedral because if you have a national cathedral but your leaders are proud God’s presence will be far from you.”

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He made reference to what is considered to be the largest church building in the world, the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Cote d’Ivoire, “but having that great cathedral didn’t prevent a civil war.”

“After all they have a national cathedral in the USA and it is a backslidden, sin-filled perverted country,” he added.

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